Welkom op Bitterballenbruid

Welcome to Bitterballenbruid!

Bruid = bride. Bitterballen = a delicious Dutch snack. They’re pretty hard to describe seeing as a Dutch person will tell you they’re filled with “ragout” – however ragout to us English folk is a French stew. (Either that, or you’ll think of the pasta sauce jars: Ragù!) The outside of bitterballen is breadcrumbs, think something like a potato croquet… but the inside is where the magic happens! It’s like a thick, creamy meat paste… sounds disgusting, tastes heavenly! They’re little round balls of deep-fried deliciousness, served with mustard. Normally I avoid anything deep-fried at all costs, but these are an exception. Don’t think about the calories or what’s inside them, just sit in the kroeg (pub) with a glass of Amstel, or if you’re a hater like me, een glaasje wijn (glass of wine) and enjoy!


© Takeaway / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA-3.0

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for ages, but just never got around to it. Excuses, excuses! But whilst on holiday in Thailand (lucky me!) the name Bitterballenbruid just came to me. I talked to the Dutchie about it and he liked it too, so here I am! The blog will mainly focus on being an English girl woman getting married in The Netherlands, learning the Dutch language and moving there… but having just returned from an epic 3 week trip to Bali and Thailand, I might have to squeeze some travel pics and stories in too!

First post, over and out ;-)

Hayley x


  1. Hi Hayley,
    I absolutely adore your blog. I’m moving back to the Netherlands in September (I spent a short 3 months in Utrecht last year) and can’t seem to get enough ‘Dutch’ things lately. Just reading your posts is making me more excited to return!!
    Looking forward to reading more from you 🙂

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  2. Love your blog!!

    I’ve only recently started blogging about The Netherlands and my attempts at learning Dutch. Its so great to read other blogs from people like yourself I keep finding myself agreeing with literally everything you say about the place!

    Cant wait to read more

    Maria xx

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  3. Hi Hayley, i’ve been studying for over a year in Breda now and i agree with everything you have written. Love the blog, you inspire me to write more about Dutchies. I find the language so hard especially to speak!

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  4. I’ve read some of your posts and I must say that those are awesome. You always have a funny twist! And being Dutch myself, I love the way you get at us!

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  5. Really glad I found your blog, as a Dutchie recently moved to the UK 😛 I hope you continue to like it in my home country, and please do keep blogging. It is extremely fun to read about the idiotic things we Dutchies do and say 😉

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  6. Try to get your fingers around a serving of “Kaastengels” , (kaas=cheese((duh)) tengels=quick grabbing fingers,) (spring rolls filled with cheese from the fryer)
    preferred the old cheese filled ones with some nice hot&sweet chilli sauce next to it!


    1. I may well get stoned for this (as in hit with stones, I’m not talking about weed! 😉 ) … but kaastengels are not my thing! :/ I’m not a fan of deep-fried cheese, period.

      However, saying that, an English friend came over last week and loved them!! Each to their own I guess!


  7. Wow this blog is amazing. All the things that are so Dutch, and I never really think about. For example: the birthday calendar in the bathroom. (made me laugh)

    Thank you for loving this crazy country, and in turn make me love it again 🙂

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  8. Could not stop laughing at your Dutch literalism. I’m a Dutch guy living in Victoria BC and would never considering moving back. When I have a bad head cold I become seriously deaf so my brief statement would become “You’ll have to speak up I’m deaf as a stick” seriously not realizing that that had just made myself guilty of a Dutch literalism as well. It was actually my youngest daughter (who studies linguistics at UVIC) that pointed this out to me!

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  9. By chance I saw your blog today. I can hardly stop reading…. You make me smile and I realize that we are a funny and peculiar nation. All those ‘Dutch dingen’ are so normal to me, I grew up with them. It’s a lot of fun to read and see these things through your eyes. Keep up the good work!


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  10. Hi Hayley ! Great blog !

    I’m dutch and moved to France 14 years ago already but totally understand everything “dutch” you describe ! So funny !

    I will keep following you for more posts 😉

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  11. Hey Hayley! I will be moving to Holland in spring and I am already pretty excited and a little scared about it. I have been with my dutch boyfriend for 3 years now and he lived in Austria for most of that time but now he went back to study in Amsterdam and I will join him.
    Though i can speak a little dutch and know some of the weird traditions they have ;-), I will be visiting your blog here more often to learn more about the country i choose to live in.
    So far I find it very funny and also very true compared to what I have heard and seen.
    Will be following you for more!

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  12. Hi Hayley,

    Absolute love your blog! Great fun to read as being a Dutchie myself. I’ll bet my English boyfriend will, that is moving over soon will love it!



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