love to bits

“I love you to bits” – What it really means!

The phrase “I love you to bits” is highly meaningful. More than you might think.  Many people think it means: “I love you a lot”, “I love you so much” or “I really really love you”… but if someone says they love you to bits (or other variations, such as “pieces”) then what it actually means is that there’s a but.

Next time you hear it, listen out.

“I love him to bits BUT I’m not sure if I’m ready to get married.”

“I love my sister to bits BUT at the moment she’s being a complete nightmare!”

“I loved her to bits… BUT it just wasn’t meant to be.”

Love to bits

If you love someone – no questions, no buts – you say “I love you”, “I love him”, “I love her”… you get the picture.

Adding “to bits” means you can’t just say you love them and stop there.

There’s a but.

It’s ok. Don’t panic. I’m not saying if someone says they love you to bits you should run for the hills. But… you should address the problem. Or in this case, the “but”.

Hayley x