My favourite reasonably-priced bars and restaurants in Langkawi

After Penang, Langkawi was a bit of a shock food-wise. The food was more expensive, less delicious and lacking the quality we’d experienced in Penang. We didn’t realise it at the time, but in Penang we were well and truly spoilt! The best Laksa we’d ever tasted for RM 5 (approx €1), Lok Lok on the street for RM 1 per stick, crispy roasted pork on tap… Penang truly is food heaven. But I digress, this post isn’t about Penang – it’s about finding cheap yet good quality food and drinks in Langkawi! We stayed for 11 days and believe me, we had to kiss a fair few frogs to find our prince(s).

A quick note on alcohol in Langkawi: The island has been duty-free since 1987 so it’s the cheapest place for booze in Malaysia. If you drink beer, you’re going to be able to get drunk, very cheaply. Lucky you! Wine is harder to come by (a lot of restaurants simply don’t serve it) and good wine is almost impossible to come by if you’re on a budget, so lower your expectations and you’ll be grand.

So here you go, I’ve taken the hassle away for you! Here are all the best places in Pentai Cenang and Pentai Tengah to get a decent meal and drinks without breaking the bank!



Cactus Restaurant

It was so good we ate here 3 times! Everything is reasonably priced, delicious and they have cheap beer and white wine for RM 10 (approx €2.50).

Category: cheap | Pantai Tengah | Cactus Restaurant on Trip Advisor


Palm View Seafood Restaurant

Lots of good Chinese options. Cheap beer and wine is RM 9 per glass, cheapest I found on the island.

Palm View Seafood Restaurant

Category: cheap | Pantai Cenang | Palm View profile on Google


Keladi Cafe

Cute little roadside place near The Kasbah. Friendly owner. Super-cheap and cheerful. No booze!

Category: cheap | Pantai Cenang | Keladi Cafe profile on Google


Rasta Bar

Mixed bag. When they were playing reggae it had a really good atmosphere but a couple of times we walked past and they were playing shitty Ibiza music, so we just kept walking!! They don’t have toilets so you have to use the toilet at Thirstday Bar and Restaurant (which I don’t recommend as it’s crazily overpriced.)

Category: cheap-moderate | Pantai Cenang | No website


One Love Reggae Bar & Cafe

Another place promising to be a Reggae bar but when we were there they weren’t playing reggae… anyhoo, cheap and cheerful and I love their mural.

One Love Bar, Langkawi

Category: cheap-moderate | Pantai Cenang | One Love on Trip Advisor


Lepak Bistro and Bar

The friendliest owner ever! (In fact, many people on Trip Advisor go as far to say it’s the friendliest bar on Langkawi!) The long-haired DJ / owner went up to every customer, asked them what kind of music they like and then played a song for them! Amazing touch ❤ And the drinks are cheap… what more could you ask for?

Category: cheap | Pantai Tengah | Lepak Bistro on Trip Advisor



Hidden Langkawi Restaurant

My favourite place in Langkawi, just a shame that it’s a tad expensive – but in this case you absolutely get what you pay for!

Hidden Langkawi Restaurant

Hidden Langkawi

Hidden Langkawi

Hidden Langkawi

Category: moderate | Pantai Tengah | Hidden Langkawi restaurant on Trip Advisor


The Kasbah

Not the cheapest place but I really like the setting. A bit off the beaten track which means it’s the perfect place for a bit of peace and quiet.

The Kasbah, Langkawi

Category: moderate | Pantai Cenang | The Kasbah website


Pasar Gelap

This unassuming little place directly on the beach sells pints of wine for RM 15 (see photo! I’m not kidding!) and they have fire shows! Definitely worth checking out!! TIP: Don’t order the nachos, they’re terrible and a total waste of money!

Pasar Gelap

Pasar Gelap

Category: moderate | Pantai Cenang | Pasar Galap profile on Google


Red Tomato

We didn’t eat here (as it’s mostly over-priced Western food) but they have glasses of prosecco for RM 15 so I’m sold!

Category: moderate | Pantai Cenang | Red Tomato website


Fat Cupid – Cafe & Restaurant

Upmarket, Malaysian cuisine. Friendly staff (it’s owned and operated by three cousins according to the internet…) I probably wouldn’t got back as I don’t need my food served in ramekins… but it’s nice to go once!

Fat Cupid

Category: moderate | Pantai Tengah | Fat Cupid website



Bon Ton

I’ve thrown one expensive place in here, because why not eh? We didn’t pay to eat here, we got a 3 course meal for free as we were volunteering at Langkawi LASSie… but it was damnnnn good!!  The white wine was the best I had on the island and the food was beautifully presented on banana leaves which was a special touch! The views from Bon Ton restaurant are simply stunning and if you get there before sunset you will be treated to not only a magnificent sunset but also a “stork show”. Every evening a group of storks circle around the lake when the sun goes down, it’s one of the best ‘nature moments’ I’ve ever had and somethingI will never forget! Special thanks to Linda for the tip! If you meet her please do say hi from me, she’s awesome!! ❤️

Bon Ton

Restaurant @ Bon Ton

Have you ever been to Langkawi? Have I missed any hidden gems?

Hayley x


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