Getting married in the Netherlands

Bitterballen Bruid’s Bruiloft – The Official Photographs

Happy Friday! I’m **SO** excited to show you a selection of our professional wedding photographs which arrived this week! I was actually ready to post Part 3 of the honeymoon today, but I figure this is WAY more important. Hope you agree!

Our wedding took place in Hilversum at the Gemeentehuis (town hall) followed by a reception at The Haven van Huizen (haven = harbour) and a meal at Cornelisz Restaurant.

Zuiderkerk, Hilversum

My Mum being pampered…

On the way!

Our wonderful registrar at the Gemeentehuis, Hilversum

Making it official!

My little sister was a witness AND bridesmaid

The Haven van Huizen

You know it had to happen!! BITTERBALLEN BRUID!

Cornelisz, Huizen

Wow! That was way more than I thought! Hope you like! 🙂

Photo credit goes to the amazing Katie at Indigo Images who flew to Holland and back for the day! An absolute star! Massive thanks.

Have a great weekend!

Hayley x

**Wedding Update**

Considering the title of this blog is Bitterballen Bruid… I haven’t posted much about the wedding… at all! I put this mainly down to the fact that the Dutchie reads every single post (how sweet!) so I don’t want to give away any secrets… and secondly, that we’ve been so busy planning the wedding that I haven’t actually had any time to write about it!!

So just a quick update… it’s exactly 3 weeks from today!! Eeeeeeeek!! Very exciting!! But we still have so much to do… I wouldn’t say I’m stressed, but I would prefer things to be ticked off the list a lot quicker than they currently are!

Wedding bits

I’m very much looking forward to it, obviously (!!!!!) and I promise to post a few pics of the big day before we go off on our honeymoon! (A road trip to Northern Italy! Yippeeeeee!)

Hayley x