Easter weekend and trip to the Gemeentehuis

This weekend was our first full weekend in the Netherlands, so instead of relaxing, enjoying our new home and adding the finishing touches… we did what any normal household would do (right?) and spent the entire weekend running around and seeing friends and family!

It was super fun of course, but now it feels like we need a break to get over the Easter break!

Easter chicken

RIP Easter chicken

In true Dutch (and English) style… the sun was out, and boy, did we make the most of it!! Three days… three BBQs. We made our own hamburgers, potato salad, sides and dips!! Yum! As well as buying everything BBQ-related we could lay our hands on at Lidl and Albert Heijn!

The Dutchie playing with fire

The Dutchie playing with fire

On Saturday we went to a friend’s verjaardagsfeest (birthday party) luckily not a circle-party;Ā there weren’t enough seats for everyone, no tea/coffee and no cake!! Just lots of alcohol and chicken wings! Gezellig! However it was typically Dutch in that it had a start and end time: 2pm til 6pm and everyone really did leave by 6…

… so we invited a couple of friends back to ours for a BBQ after party! BBQ #2 was on Sunday, some more friends came over from Rotterdam and then BBQ #3 was on Monday with the Dutchie’s family. Ook gezellig, but I don’t think I can look at a BBQ for… well, a week at least! šŸ˜‰

VandaagĀ had ikĀ een afspraak op het gemeentehuis… (Today I had an appointment at the Town Hall) to register myself as an inwoner (resident). Well, technically at the stadtskantoorĀ (Town office) but Gemeentehuis is a lovely word to say in Dutch šŸ™‚ (There are a few, honest!)

Hilversum Gemeentehuis

Hilversum Gemeentehuis as seen from the entrance to the stadtskantoor

The building was designed by theĀ Dutch modernist architect, Willem Marinus Dudok and the Town Hall in Hilversum is his most famous work. It took 3 years to build and was completed in 1931.

Unfortunately, the certified copy of my birth certificate isn’t certified enough… it needs anĀ Apostille Stamp, so I’ll be back at the Gemeentehuis again soon… and for our ondertrouw (notice of marriage). Looks like I’m going to be a regular customer šŸ˜‰

Hayley x