Bitterballen Bruid’s Bruiloft

Wow, that’s a mouthful. As promised… I said I’d share a few snaps of the day! Well actually, days: we were married in a small, intimate ceremony on Friday and then on Saturday we had a huge party with around 130 guests! Suffice to say it was the best weekend of our lives! 😀

Bride mug

The service was beautiful and very personal… we only had 11 guests. Just our closest family. ❤

At the Gemeentehuis

On Saturday I had partymaids, rather than bridesmaids! With orange flowers, of course… Go Holland!

Party maids

It was an emotional day to see friends and family, many of the UK contingent I hadn’t seen since I moved here, so a few tears were shed!

Welcoming a friend to the party

Everyone had an amazing party and we danced the night away until 4am or so!


Now it’s time to finally relax after months of planning… we leave on our honeymoon tomorrow! Italy for 2 weeks… Can’t wait!!

Professional photos to follow – the above were taken by family and friends. And of course… I will be sure to blog about our amazing honeymoon too!

Have a good couple of weeks!


Hayley x

Welkom op Bitterballen Bruid

Welcome to Bitterballen Bruid!

Bruid = bride. Bitterballen = a delicious Dutch snack. They’re pretty hard to describe seeing as a Dutch person will tell you they’re filled with “ragout” – however ragout to us English folk is a French stew. (Either that, or you’ll think of the pasta sauce jars: Ragù!) The outside of bitterballen is breadcrumbs, think something like a potato croquet… but the inside is where the magic happens! It’s like a thick, creamy meat paste… sounds disgusting, tastes heavenly! They’re little round balls of deep-fried deliciousness, served with mustard. Normally I avoid anything deep-fried at all costs, but these are an exception. Don’t think about the calories or what’s inside them, just sit in the kroeg (pub) with a glass of Amstel, or if you’re a hater like me, een glaasje wijn (glass of wine) and enjoy!


© Takeaway / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA-3.0

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for ages, but just never got around to it. Excuses, excuses! But whilst on holiday in Thailand (lucky me!) the name Bitterballen Bruid just came to me. I talked to The Dutchie (aka my husband) about it and he liked it too, so here I am! The blog will mainly focus on being an English girl woman getting married in The Netherlands, learning the Dutch language and moving there… but having just returned from an epic 3 week trip to Bali and Thailand, I might have to squeeze some travel pics and stories in too!

First post, over and out 😉

Hayley x