2015 Bloggies

So, it’s the 12th January and I’m asking you for a favour already. UN-BLOODY-BELIEVABLE, huh?

Ok, bit of an exaggeration... but would be awesome if you could help me out please!

Ok, bit of an exaggeration… but would be awesome if you could help me out please!

But yes, I am asking a favour so soon in the year. It would be totally-super-fan-dabby-dozy-awesome-with-a-cherry-on-top if you could help me get nominated for the 2015 Annual Weblog Awards. Pretty please 🙂

Want to help a girl out? Here’s how to nominate

1. Click this link: (which will take you directly to the Best European Blog category). Nominations close on 1st Feb.

2. You can’t only nominate me. Sorry, it’s the rules. Please nominate 3 different blogs by entering the blog name and URL into the relevant category. If you’re so kind as to nominate me, please do so in the Best European Blog category section. (There are 30 categories in total.)

3. Nearly done!! Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and enter your name, email address and submit your nomination.

4. Ok, I lied. Now please go and check your email for a confirmation thingymebob (if it’s not there – check your spam / junk folder). Then click the link in the email confirmation so that your nomination counts.

5. THANK YOU. DANK U. By the way, did I tell you how sexy you’re looking today?

Hayley x