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  1. Hello, got to say your blog is awesome πŸ™‚ we ourselves are an Anglo-Dutch couple, and have been in an LDR for 3 years. I’m Jane, and I’ve been learning Dutch for about 9-10 months and I must say, your posts really struck with me πŸ™‚ One day I’ll be like you, married to an amazing Dutchman πŸ˜› Een prettige dag verder! πŸ™‚

    P.S also followed you on twitter, we’re davyandjaney on there πŸ™‚ thought it’d be cool to interact with another person who knows what it’s like to be with a Dutchie πŸ˜€ xx

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  2. Hallo, I don’t know wether you have changed something but I’ve been unable to read your last 2 stories…. I get error 404, am I the only one ??


  3. Hi Hayley, stumbled upon your blog and must say, your observations are spot on.
    I could be your alter ego, I’m a Dutchie married to an Englishy and living in England. Needless to say, the English are weird and I’m glad you’re beginning to see the light and adjust remarkably well. Milk in your tea, vinegar on your soggy chips, beer that the Dutch would call dead and in need of a top up. And what is Marmite made off??? I’m sure it was originally intended as glue in the shoe manufacturing industry. Pork scratchings, crisps with your sandwiches, beans on toast, and why oh why is every perfectly baked cake ruined by adding something horribly sweet like jam, or glazed cherries at the very last minute? Chocolate sprinkles on bread as a cheerful start of the day, or sausages, bacon, beans eggs floating in fat, making you need a lie down until lunch?? Didn’t mean to write a blog on your blog, will keep in touch.Yes, this Dutchie is struggling a bit. Veel plezier in Nederland. Erik Hijstee

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    1. Hi Erik, thanks for your comments (yep – I read all of them ;-)) I completely agree with you that English people are weird too. I assume you already read this post?
      I’m currently writing a post about the differences between our two countries, so look out for that soon! Why are you struggling? You can tell Tante Bitterbal πŸ™‚ Veel plezier in Engeland!


      1. Oh tantebitterbal, real Dutch restaurant has arrived in Banbury! Little Amsterdam, not struggling anymore. Erik


  4. Well, this is obviously a very sore subject and I’m sorry that it is because good for you for knowing what you want and going for it! I don’t think that people are intentionally being mean or stupid, but it is the biological imperitive to reproduce and given that the main obstacle for most successful women these days is nailing down that cooperative partner, people do kind of wonder what the deal is. Doubts about your relationship? Fertility issues? What land mines should I watch out for? Sometimes people just want a hint, so they know not to push you about having kids when you’re actually not able to, for example. For the rest, it’s the same as asking your single friend if she has a boyfriend yet or asking your couple friends when they’re going to get married. Misery loves company! Just kidding. Children, husband, family can all be a joy and/or a nightmare. My only advice is to make sure that this is 100% what you want before time makes the decision for you. I know so many women that think that the option is open well after 40 only to find that it is not. In the meantime, enjoy your sleep, doing things when you want to do them and live it up!


  5. Just wanted to say that youΒ΄re blogs are hilariously written and me as a Dutch person can see the humour in some very weird Dutch customs, especially the blog about the seeing Sarah, Abraham lol.

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  6. Hi Hayley, Just discovered your blog. It’s really funny to read and for us as Polish-Dutch couple living in Hilversum Zuid very recognizable. Keep up the good work!

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