The best Vietnamese food in Hilversum

Caphe Eij & Wijs, Hilversum

A couple of years ago, there were a total of zero places selling Vietnamese food in Hilversum! When I wanted rice paper rolls I had to go to Utrecht, to Kimmade. Hardly a chore, as I’m in Utrecht a lot anyway… but now we have 3 Vietnamese places in Hillywood! 🎉

This makes me super happy as I looooooooove Vietnamese food. On our “big trip” to Asia back in 2016 it was our favourite cuisine hands down!! Beating the food of Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia!! 

I just love the freshness and the use of herbs (think shitloads of coriander and mint) and it’s one of a handful of cuisines that is naturally lactose and gluten free, making it ideal for me! 😋

So, if I’ve managed to tickle your taste buds already, here’s where to get your Vietnamese fix in Hilversum: 

1. Viet Kitchen @ Mout

Viet Kitchen @ Mout, Hilversum

Regular readers of this blog will know I’m obsessed with Mout!! The best kitchen at Mout is Viet Kitchen and the best thing from their menu is the pork skewers (it’s called “gegrilde sate – Saigon pork” on the menu). Make sure you get some sriracha sauce if you like it hot! (They don’t serve it as standard so you have to ask.) 

2. Caphe Eij & Wijs

Caphe Eij & Wijs, Hilversum

This place has been a cafe for years (as in coffee), but last year they started serving Vietnamese food too! It’s good, but not amazing. The rice paper rolls are decent, better value than the ones at Mout as they have more meat and less rice noodles. The Banh Xeo (Vietnamese crispy pancake filled with beansprouts and meat) is also good, but I’ve had better (see below!) 😉 The Dutchie enjoyed his pho but I can’t comment as I never order it outside of Vietnam as I always find it so disappointing! The chicken skewers were just ok, not enough sauce!!

I’d therefore recommend this place for a drink and a bite (rice paper rolls) maybe not a full meal… plus, if you do go, the mural on the wall is hella cute! 

3. Mai Taste

In my opinion this is the best Vietnamese food you can get in Hilversum. The Banh Xeo is spot on! So crispy and delicious. They’re a little stingy with the prawns, but hey, no one’s perfect eh? The other stand out dish is the chicken curry – Ca ri ga. Superb. It tastes even better the next day, if you can restrain yourself that is!! Value-wise, this is also the best out of the three. But I guess that’s logical as they’re a takeaway place, not a restaurant. They also give you free kroepoek with orders over €20. Gratis is gratis, no?

Damn, this is making me hungry!!

Where’s your favourite place to eat Vietnamese food in the Netherlands? 

Hayley x 


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