10 Things I love about Holland

It’s been almost 5 years since I moved to Holland, and seeing as 5 is my lucky number I thought I’d handcraft a love letter to the Netherlands. My little kikkerlandje! 😀

Bike ride Hilversum

1. Cycling 

I haven’t owned a car since I’ve lived here and I don’t miss it at all. Cycling is just so much fun!

2. Bitterballen

You know it!!! The best deep fried Dutch delicacy known to woman.

3. Trains (and public transport in general)

When Dutch people complain about NS I just have to laugh! They should go and live in the UK for a couple of weeks and then they’d appreciate just what a great thing they’ve got going.

4. Gezelligheid

It’s very important to understand Dutch culture if you live here and gezelligheid is your fast-track way to start to understand how Dutch people work.

5. Tolerance

The Netherlands is very accepting society and one of the things I personally love is their acceptance of dogs (and cats) everywhere. They’re allowed on trains, in cafes, pubs… you name it. Don’t be surprised if you see a cat sleeping on the bar in your local kroeg (pub) – it’s very normal here!

Ubuntu beach

6. Beaches

Holland has some really great beaches!! (As well as some fantastic beach bars!) My absolute favourite is Zandvoort.

7. Racing

Since Max Verstappen joined Formula 1 – everyone has gone crazy about racing. He’s actually dual-nationality (Belgian and Dutch) but he chose to race for NL. We also have a couple of great circuits here – Assen, Zandvoort and Spa (in Belgium).

8. Klein maar fijn

Being such a small country, it’s so easy to get around! You can drive top to bottom in 3-4 hours or west to east in around 1.5 – 2 hours! Making it so easy to explore 🙂

9. Work-life balance

Dutch people know how to relax!! Whether it’s on a terrace soaking up the sun or on a boat, bike or just chilling in their garden – relaxed is their middle name. And it’s infectious!

10. Amsterdam

So, yes, as I’ve pointed out in other posts, there’s so much to explore besides Amsterdam… but that doesn’t stop it being good! Where else in the world can you walk along the canals in the red light district with a spliff in one hand and a stroopwafel in the other, whilst narrowly avoiding being run over by a bike? Ik hou van Amsterdam ❤

So there it is: my Top 10. What’s your favourite thing about Holland?

Hayley x




  1. Does “the royal family is so freaking PHOTOGENIC” count? I still haven’t been to de nederland, but I follow the royal house on instagram and…and their instagram is so much more entertaining than the Brits. 😅💙🇳🇱

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  2. Thank you! I love reading nice things about my country, especially since I haven’t lived there for a long time, having married a globetrotting American. When living in the US, what I missed most was the “gezelligheid.” When visiting friends and family in Holland now, I definitely go for the bitterballen when we’re out and about! Oh, and appeltaart! Fortunately I can make my own super wonderful appeltaart right in my own kitchen.

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  3. As for racing, bicycle racing is also a big thing in the Low Countries – and the racing cyclists include top women as well as men!

    I’m savouring a homemade nasi goring as I read your blog. With tempeh, which I love, but also prawns – I’m not vegetarian.

    I love beasties and was thrilled to see friendly doggies and pussycats everywhere. In chilly weather they sit at the window, observing the world outside.

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