Doei… for a little while…


It’s been a while, I know. I’ve not been a blogger lately.

I could make a gazillion excuses and I could apologise for my absence (it’s taking every fibre of my being not to apologise… being English ‘n all), but I hate bloggers who do that… so let’s not be one of them!

Um, so yeah…

We’re going on an adventure!! 😀 😀


This is going to be me for 10 weeks, except the fact that this photo is of a dude…

For 10 weeks.

We’re going to be visiting Singapore, Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand.

It’s going to be a bit hard to write about mildly amusing Dutch shizz when I’m not in the country… so I guess I’ll be taking an ‘official’ break.

I’ve never had more than 3 weeks off work since I started my first job, so I’m really bloody looking forward to it!! We’ve been saving and planning for the past 3 years… so I guess you could say it’s the trip of a lifetime!!

If anyone has tips for us on the places above, they will be gratefully received!

And if you don’t give a flying fuck about travel and only want to read / talk about Dutch stuff… that’s fine too! Are there any posts or topics you want me to cover next year?!

Have a fantastic couple of months everyone! Happy Sinterklaas / Kerst / Oud en Nieuw in advance and tot 2017!!

Hayley x

PS – if you do give a flying fuck and would like to follow our adventures on Instagram, my travel account is Travel in Technicolour.



  1. Owwww how wonderful for you. My cousin recently was in Thailand with his friend and they had the time of their life. Suggestion; don’t go to the regular elephant parks. There are small sanctuaries where you van feed and bath them. They were thrilled (= Elephant Retirement Park, do not know name or town, but u can google for it)

    Nationaal Park Doi Inthanon with the tempels of kings and queens of Thailand on the mountain Doi Inthanon = 2565 meter above sea level, zoooooo Beautiful😃🙏🏻💖And the Machirathan Waterfall, Not far from the town where the sell the best tasting nuts ever 😉

    Well, enough suggestions? hihi Have the best time of your life XXX

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    1. Neither does the Dutchie. Sometimes he says “you don’t need to apologise” and I’m like “BUT I’M NOT ACTUALLY APOLOGISING I’M JUST SAYING A WORD THAT IS PERMANENTLY INGRAINED WITHIN ME”.

      Sorry for shouting! (Haha… see I can’t even manage a reply without it!!) You will understand the frustration. If someone offered me a million to not say sorry for a day, I don’t think I’d manage it.

      Anyway, thank you! Hope the new house and stuff is all going swimmingly 🙂


  2. Two and a half months? WOW!

    If you’re going in that order, the royal funeral will be over by the time you get there and all will be back to normal. (Or whatever passes for normalcy in Thailand!)

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