Rain rain go away… no, seriously, f*ck off… it’s King’s Day!

It’s raining today in some parts of the Netherlands. Not that weird. April showers and all that. But in other parts… it’s SNOWING.

Tulips in the spring snow.

Tulips in the spring snow. Photo: @VeningaHijken via Twitter

Snow in April!?! FFS.

Reports are saying “King’s Day itself will be cold, wet and windy, with the possibility of sleet and hail. Although it will be around 8 degrees, it will feel much colder, and could be the coldest King or Queen’s Day on record, weather forecasters say.” (Dutchnews.nl)

This cannot happen!!

No. Absolutely not. I will not accept it. This is King’s Day!

Well, actually, this is Queen’s Day in Amsterdam 2010…

Queen's Day 2010

Queen’s Day, Vondelpark, Amsterdam, 2011

Queens Day Fun

Hmmm. Not really sure what happened in 2012. It must’ve been sunny.

The last ever Queen’s Day in 2013 (we were in England at the time… but still… SUNNY!!)

Queens' Day 2013

First ever King’s Day, Amsterdam, 2014: shorts weather!!

King's Day 2014

King’s Day, Amsterdam, 2015

King's Day 2015

Kings Day 2015

So you see… bad weather is a big problem. It just won’t do.

Dear Willem-Alexander, be a dear and sort it out, will you? Otherwise you’re gonna get soooooo much shit when it’s beautiful and sunny on the 30th April…

Hayley x


  1. Oh dear Hayley,

    I’ve heard that the travel agencies got a lot of bookings from 29th till 1st .. Lot’s of folks have no idea the date was moved… :/ Let’s at least hope they have a sunny day on arrival.


  2. They cancelled the flea market in our town, but actually the weather was pretty good with just a couple of tiny showers until right at the end of the weekend. Mind you, if you weren’t in a sheltered place in the sun, it would have been pretty chilly. Funny thing is, it’s organised by a carnaval association who should be used to parading about in the cold in February and March. Wimps! Shame for the children who were looking forward to making some money, but I bet their parents were relieved. I did my duty and ate a bright orange tompouce.


  3. Snow with tulip’s are beautiful pic..shortly and suddenly will be hot spring.. Several after..U will see..:) what to say.. I am in Croatia.. Sunny..but 10 degrees..days.. T shirt’s only about 12 pm shortly and colder in the evenings, jacket..:)


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