turns two


So that’s actually a massive lie… my “blogiversary” (ugh, is that even a word?) was on 14th November, so I’m late… no surprise there.

I feel like I should acknowledge this milestone, as I’ve just renewed my WordPress subscription for another year after about a month of debating. Funny, this time last year I was also unsure if I would continue. I guess that’s just my personality – I can be extremely indecisive at times. So much so that I even annoy myself!

Also, I’m pretty much the anti-blogger, which is why I was having so much doubt… I hate selfies, I hate self-promotion, I hate all the “look at me, aren’t I brilliant” crap. I can’t stand the thought of every aspect of my life being public and everyone knowing my business. *Almost* everything about blogging makes me cringe.

Especially when people tell me they read my blog! I physically wince with embarrassment! (This actually happened on Saturday, I was talking to one of the guys from The Dutchie’s ping pong club and he casually slipped in to the conversation that he reads my blog. <Waves at J> Thanks, dude! I’m massively flattered you actually read my wittering, but also seriously embarrassed!!)

I just think blogging is so fucking narcissistic and as much as possible, I try not to make it all me, me, me…

But I like writing. That’s the problem. (And occasionally helping people with the things I write. I hope!!)

Hence why I chose the anonymous-ish route.

Anyway, I did renew it, so I guess that means I’m going to be sticking around for at least another year 😉

To “celebrate” in big bloody air-quotes… I guess I should list some of my personal blogging highlights of the past 2 years. But that’s what a proper blogger would do.

So instead, I’ll just say thanks for reading.

With the odd troll-shaped exception… you’re a pretty awesome bunch.

Hayley x


  1. Gefeliciteerd, ik ben van mening veranderd en zal van nu af aan alleen nog maar in het nederlands antbloggen. Misschien kun jij nu een jaar lang in het nederlands bloggen en dan op je volgende bloggiversary terugkijken op een grappig, maar leerzaam jaar? Erik

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    1. Hoi Erik,

      Ik dacht dat je Nederlands al was vergeten? 😉

      Ik heb je andere opmerking al beantwoord, maar ik ga niet in het Nederlands bloggen. Ik hou van Engels. Misschien een post in het Nederlands hier en daar, maar voornamelijk Engels.


  2. Very glad that you’re sticking around for another year. I’m a Dutchy and I love your blog. It’s the only one I read. Except my wife’s of course… *oooops* 🙂

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  3. It’s not narcissistic – good blogging takes effort, and yours is clearly is entertaining to many, and by that standard it may even be altruistic. In any case, I like your blog – it is the only blog I have ever followed.

    I am Canadian your age living in USA, born to a Dutch mother who spent 15 years in the UK. Growing up we had British Sunday roasts with nutmeg spread all over the vegetables. I had circle parties all my life and never knew what they were until I read you blog!! So you see, you are helping me sort through my cultural confusion!

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  4. Gefeliciteerd!
    I for one am glad you renewed because I would miss your blog!
    I’ve just taken to blogging about crap these days and thats cool. Blogging in many cases is what you make it, you share what you want and hide what you don’t or is that just life in general? Man thats deep for a Wednesday morning!

    Anyway. Well done for two years. Here’s to the next one!!

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    1. Thanks, Maria. Very sweet of you.

      And you’re very right. I think the problem for me is sometimes I want to write about something, but I wonder if my readers will find it interesting. But then again, they don’t have to read everything… This blog was started because I love writing, so I suppose I should just write about the things I love and be done with it.

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