The #onlyinHolland hashtag

I by no means started this hashtag, however I have certainly been adding to it over the past year and a half!! Earlier today I posted a link to a ‘Dutch people are weird’ Buzzfeed article – if you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the link: 27 Times The Netherlands Went Way, Way Too Far

But they definitely missed a few, so here’s my version… #ONLYINHOLLAND

1. Standard get-your-tits-out fountain in a kids theme park


2. Dutch ‘wisdom’ tiles

Sound advice

3. When you love milk so much it starts talking to you


4. This Dutch policewoman fancied a chilled shift

5. What’s the worst-kaas scenario? 

Worst Kaas scenario

6. No Dutch people allowed

Only Dutch people allowed

7. Casual Friday in Amsterdam

Casual Friday

8. Riding a dike. Literally. 

Riding a dike

9. When you’re too Dutch to queue or too drunk to speak: hot food vending machines

Febo, Utrecht

10. Christmas time in the Netherlands = Butt Plug Santa


11. When you can’t wait 25 years for a circle party so you just celebrate 12.5 years of marriage instead

12.5 jaar getrouwd

12. When you forget to order a large beer…

Thimble of beer

13. When you’re done with your bike

Utrecht Grachten

14. When your love for cheese is off the scale

Cheese Museum, Amsterdam

15. Thriftiness is life. Even the Princess can’t resist a bargain

Hayley x


  1. The tits in a children’s theme park always takes me by surprise. There is nothing wrong with it but I’m surprised they are allowed to get away with it.

    And I lived in Rotterdam for a long time… I have no explanation for the butt plug Santa.

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  2. It was my first ever trip to the Netherlands recently, ten nights in Amsterdam exploring the many museums and art galleries, walking for miles, admiring all the different types of architecture, browsing in the shops in the 9 Streets area, generally soaking up the atmosphere of bustling commerce and quirky creativity.
    I had the pleasure of catching a performance by Reinier Sijpkens, the MusicBoat man on the Prinsengracht. This amazing musician and performer plays the trumpet/flugelhorn with his left hand, turns the handle of the little pipe organ with his right hand, steers the painted boat with his legs, whilst watching out for any passing canal boats which might do some serious damage to his little boat. Beneath the Westerker he performed a duet with the bellringer up in the leaning tower. It was a joy to hear and watch. Several tourists were saying “Only in Amsterdam!” and I knew what they meant. In England now there is such an obsession with health and safety, that a talented man like Reinier would not be allowed to perform, someone would ban him for not wearing a life jacket or causing noise pollution. But in Amsterdam, creativity and artistic expression seems to be encouraged wherever possible. This is certainly the impression I had on what was my first visit. i loved the beautiful city on the water and am keen to go back and see more, perhaps next spring. I do some abstract art myself, as well as playing jazz by ear on piano/keyboard and saxophone; in England most people would see that as odd and eccentic for a middle-aged woman, in Amsterdam the impression I had was that someone like me might actually be accepted. However, it was just one happy visit, and I imagine the reality of trying to live there could be much harder. I do love cheese and cycling, as well as Van Gogh, the Dutch Masters of the Golden Age, beer, good coffee and windmills, but I am sure that several more research visits would be needed first. The only part of Amsterdam I didn’t like was the Red Light District, mainly because it appears to attract the worst sort of tourists, especially the ones from Britain, the atmosphere in that area is more sinister and threatening.
    Reinier Sijpkens has an excellent website http://www.musicboat,nl and there are also lots of clips of him on YouTube. So many locals and tourists alike stop to enjoy his performances.

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