I am no longer the headless woman!

If you follow me on social media, you’ve probably already seen my new profile picture! If you don’t… here it is!!

*Drum roll please*


You might recognise the style… yes, it’s Blond Amsterdam!!

I have been a massive fan ever since I first visited the Netherlands and I have a huuuuuuge collection of their stuff.

When I found out that they did personalised items, they were my number 1 choice for a new blog logo. Unfortunately, when I contacted them months and months ago… their customer service team were decidedly unhelpful and unfriendly: No, we can’t do logos – you have to buy a piece of pottery – and no you can’t come to the store in Amsterdam to watch while it is being painted. The typical “dat kan niet” bullshit. Miserable gits.

I initially thought screw you – I was about to give you a load of free publicity – so I contacted some other illustrators. I got a couple of quotes but my heart just wasn’t in it so I let a few months go by.

I knew I wanted Blond Amsterdam to do it but their customer service had been rubbish. I thought about it again. The talent – the real illustrator(s) – do not have time to deal with customers (or bloggers). I had spoken to some jobsworth. I knew that the real Blond Amsterdam would deliver the goods!

So, I ordered online. I had wanted a logo, but no, they couldn’t do that. So I ordered a bloody plate instead. 12 and a half weeks ago. (Their website states the waiting time for personalised items is around 9 weeks.)

I waited patiently for 9 weeks… and then for another week whilst we were on holiday (hoping there would be a lovely package for me on my return). Nope. I emailed them last week as my expected delivery time had clearly passed – only to be disappointed by their customer service yet again: It’ll be with you next week (with no apology about it already being so late!) and no we can’t take a photo of it and send to you. Of course you CAN take a photo of it. You just don’t want to/can’t be arsed/have a “dat kan niet” attitude. 

But today, I finally got my delivery! It was worth the wait, it’s friggin’ awesome, I love Blond Amsterdam and I love my bloody plate! (And truth be told… I’m actually quite pleased they didn’t send me a photo as opening it was a brilliant moment!)

Blond Amsterdam – your customer service department sucks the big one!! But I still love you.

What do you think of the new “logo”?

Hayley x


  1. I think the plate/bowl aka logo is great and a two-fer: photo as logo and you can fill it with bitterballen at every special occasion! I’m not surprised they wouldn’t make a digital logo — that’s not their business, after all. And you wouldn’t want someone breathing down your neck while you were creating something, would you? As for the customer service, sadly that’s true of too many retail businesses here.

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  2. Just a second… did B.A. even agreed for their plate to be used in commercial use, like your “logo” ? Because if not, then you are breaking the copyright laws.
    And they have all the rights to refuse you watching on the work process because painting, creating plate etc etc is not a matter of hours. Also, it’s not unfriendly… it being honest. Like you know, Dutch honest.
    And OF COURSE they can’t take a photo of it. Any pictures can leak into internet and be used by people without agreement with company, meaning it will be their loss on profit.

    Also, free publicity? Puuhlease… as if Blond Amsterdam needs it.


    1. You didn’t give a real name so…

      Dear troll,

      Thanks for being brave enough to post a comment on my actual blog rather than Reddit. I admire the audacity. However, you didn’t leave a real name or email address so I could contact you. So that’s where your bravery ends I suppose.

      Just to clear a few things up. I am not breaking any laws. If you believe that I am… you’re a bit silly.

      Yeah they didn’t want me there, ruining their creative vibes. I get that. I was just trying my luck really… You know – you don’t ask, you don’t get.

      They will lose profit because they took a picture of a personalised item before putting it into a box? As apposed to me taking a picture of said personalised item when I took it out of the box?

      True. They probably don’t need it… But every little helps…

      And just a reminder: this is my personal blog. If you’d like to continue to bring negativity to the world, I recommend you DO stick to sites of a similar ilk to Reddit. Loads of your sort over there.

      Just being honest… You know, like Dutch honest.

      Hayley. No kiss for you, you tyke!

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