10 English terms containing the word ‘Dutch’

We’ve all heard of ‘Dutch Courage’ and ‘Going Dutch’ but do you know what a Dutch Oven is? Or a Dutch Rudder? Here are my top 10 English terms containing the word Dutch:

Trivio Restaurant, Loosdrecht

1. Dutch Courage – drinking to increase bravery.

2. Dutch Widow – prostitute.

3. Dutch Uncle – someone who gives frank or harsh comments, much like a close member of the family would.

4. Going Dutch – in dating, when you split the bill 50/50. Or in groups when parties pay for their own bills.

5. Double Dutch – hard to understand, incomprehensible, nonsense.

6. Dutch Door – a door which is divided horizontally, so that the bottom half may remain shut while the top half opens (American English).

7. Dutch Cap – contraceptive diaphragm.

8. Dutch Auction – an auction that starts at a high price, then lowers dramatically until someone is willing to buy the item.

9. Dutch Oven – the act of trapping a person under the bed covers after farting.

And for my personal favourite…

10. Dutch Rudder – while masturbating, another person pulls up and down on the (masturbating person’s) forearm.

Colourfully explained in the film Zack & Miri Make a Porno, you can watch the clip here:

Which is your favourite? Or is there something I’ve missed from the list?

Hayley x


  1. Double dutch
    Wil je je tegen een zwangerschap én tegen soa’s beschermen? Dan kan het meisje het beste een anticonceptiemiddel zoals de pil of het spiraal gebruiken én de jongen het condoom omdoen. Let op: bij een condoom gaat er makkelijk iets fout. Hij kan scheuren of afglijden. Met een condoom én pil ben je extra safe. Twee middelen tegelijk gebruiken heet Double Dutch.

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  2. Double Dutch here in the States is also a form of jump roping, while using two ropes going in the opposite direction. And a Dutch oven for me is a very heavy pot, typically used for cooking over a campfire, but also just for cooking in general. I like my version better

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  3. Dutch doors: true. They are traditional in the Netherlands. In dutch they are called “halve deuren”. It lead to the Dutch word “onderdeurtje”. The “onderdeur” is the lower half of the Dutch door and a “onderdeurtje” is a child that is so small that it can walk through the open ‘onderdeur’ while the upper half is closed. In a more general sense the word refers to a small person.

    Dutch auction: true. Flower auctions, like the Aalsmeer flower auction – the biggest in the world – ( and agricultural auctions in general) and fish auctions work that way. In dutch it’s called ‘veiling bij afslag’. Originally the auctioneer would call the prices until someone called “mijn!” (“mine!”) Nowadays they use a clock that stops when someone hits the button at the price he wants to pay.
    ( http://youtu.be/JKn5_8rrRoo?t=37s )
    When no one stops the clock and no sale is made the goods are ‘doorgedraaid’

    And I miss Dutch Comfort; Comfort derived from a situation not being any worse than it is.

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  4. What about a lovely Dutchie–a yummy donut with raisins? Or the Dutch Mafia–referring to the groups of Dutch immigrants and their descendants in Canada who have stuck together in businesses and churches, etc.

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  5. My Dutch father-in-law loves using English phrases with Dutch in them. He does it all the time with me because he thinks it is really fun. His favourite is, “It’s all Dutch to me,” which he uses when ever we misunderstand each other.

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  6. The dutch auction is in the netherlands called a chinese auction.
    And a dutch oven could also refer to a krate fild with hay in witch you could boil
    Also i am sorry for my bad grammer.


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