Kijk, Mam! Ik sta in de krant!


If you live in Hilversum and receive the Hilversums Nieuws, today you will see me on page… 5!! (Ok, ok, the OnderOns feature is always on page 5, but I’m easily pleased.)

If you don’t… then here’s the full text:

Naam: Hayley alias Bitterballenbruid
Leeftijd: 32
Beroep: Marketing Manager
Hilversumse sinds: April 2014

Wat doe je in het dagelijks leven?
Ik werk thuis als Marketing Manager voor een Engels bedrijf. In mijn vrije tijd zwem ik, wandel ik op de (Hilversumse) hei en schrijf ik aan mijn blog.

Je blogt. Waar gaat Bitterballenbruid over?
Mijn blog gaat over een expat zijn in Nederland, Nederlands leren, jullie rare gewoontes en te veel bitterballen eten.

Grootste verschil tussen wonen in Southampton en Hilversum?
Mijn leven in een andere taal leven, hele kleine supermarkten (in Engeland zijn ze kolossaal), al die fietsen en veel mensen die parttime werken.

Fish or chips of bitterballen?
Dat is een heel moeilijk vraag, maar ik moet bitterballen zeggen natuurlijk!

Thee of koffie?
Thee, met melk, maar alleen één kopje per dag! Ik drink bijna nooit koffie.

Mooiste plek van Hilversum?
Dat moet de Hilversumse Hei zijn. Ik vind het Beeld en Geluid gebouw ook supermooi!

Waar ga je heen in Hilversum als je uitgaat?
Eerst naar een Japans restaurant (Sumo of Aiuchi) en dan een paar drankjes in The Guardian, Felix II of Karroesel.

Wat pak je aan als je een dagje burgemeester van Hilversum bent?
Nationale Bitterballendag introduceren!

Wat kijk je graag op televisie?
Mijn guilty pleasure is Keeping Up With The Kardasians! Ik kijk ook graag naar Moto GP en Masterchef Holland, UK en Australië.

Naar welke muziek luister je?
Nou, dat is een vraag! Ik ben een enorme muziek fan, dus waar begin ik?! Heel veel bands met ‘The’: The Smiths, The Cure, The Clash, The Pixies, The Vaccines, The Savages, The Kooks, The Strokes en Arctic Monkeys. Jake Bugg is ook een superleuke tip! Oeh, en niet te vergeten de nationale parel: Anouk.

Waar mag je voor wakker gemaakt worden?
Bitterballen en nieuwe schoenen, graag!


En nu, in het Engels (and now, in English).

What do you do in your daily life?
I work at home as a Marketing Manager for an English company. In my free time I swim, I walk in the Hilversumse Hei (Hilversum Heathland) and I write my blog.

You blog. What is your blog about?
My blog is about being an expat in the Netherlands, learning Dutch, your weird habits and eating way too many bitterballen!

Biggest difference between living in Southampton and Hilversum?
Living my life in a different language, small supermarkets (in England they’re HUGE) all the bikes and so many people working part time.

Fish and chips or bitterballen?
That’s a really hard question, but I have to say bitterballen of course!

Tea of coffee?
Tea, with milk, but only one cup per day. I hardly ever drink coffee.

Most beautiful place in Hilversum?
That has to be the Hilversumse Hei. I also think the Beeld and Geluid building is extremely beautiful.

Where do you go out in Hilversum?
First to a Japanese restaurant and then a few drinks in a bar. (The Guardian is an English pub, Felix II and Karroesel are Dutch bars.)

What would you do if you were the Mayor of Hilversum for the day?
Introduce National Bitterballen Day!

What do you like watching on TV?
My guilty pleasure is Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I also like watching Moto GP, and Masterchef UK, Holland and Australia.

What music do you listen to?
Now, that is a hard question! I’m a huge music fan, so where do I start?! A lot of bands with ‘The’: The Smiths, The Cure, The Clash, The Pixies, The Vaccines, The Savages, The Kooks, The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys. Jake Bugg is also a good tip. Oh, and not forgetting your national treasure: Anouk.

What would you get out of bed for?
Bitterballen and new shoes, please!

I want to know more about YOU! Care to pick a question from the above and answer it about yourself?

Hayley x


  1. Nice! From local newspaper to national news. Next goal?

    What I get out of of bed for is my choice in the list from above. And the answer is:

    Absolutely NOTHING! My sleep is sacred. If there’s no emergency: Let me sleep!
    It would require an emergency like a bomb though. I’m a terror to wake. It hardly ever works.
    I might look at you and seem awake, but that’s just appearance. My subconsciousness is fooling you so you’ll go away. I never remember you trying in the morning :p

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great stuff – another fun read!

    In addition to the ‘the’ music you’ve already listed (because yes – all of those you listed are very, very good), I would probably list: The Veils, The Decemberists, The Doors, The Flaming Lips, the Black Keys and The Roots 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nice one!

    What music do I listen to?

    The (ha, THE) Beatles, Paul McCartney, Paul McCartney & Wings, The Dixie Chicks, The Common Linnets, Keane, Venice, Bruno Mars, 3J’s, Crowded House, The Little Willies, Mumford & Sons, Simon & Garfunkel… Lots of old stuff and lots of Radio to find out what’s new. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What do you blog about?

    Most anything that comes to mind. Sometimes about my writing, sometimes about things that frustrate me, sometimes using it as a secret method to communicate with a sweetheart. (Yes, I hear you saying, “OooOOOooo!”) Oh and it’s also my website, since I don’t have enough sales to keep up like I used to.

    Last five entries:
    1. Twenty-Four Hours: I sent books to my sweetheart and that makes me nervous!
    2. Not Listening! I fooled a company with a fake address and now it’s permanent
    3. A repost containing a linguistic tree
    4. This is Why I Write: I also sent a book to my favorite teacher’s widow…this is her response
    5. I love a parade! An overly-detailed analysis of the Miss Universe parade of nations


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