Merry Christmas!

I had intended this post to talk about the differences between Dutch and English Christmases and ultimately decide which is the best (English, obviously… purely for the silly Christmas jumpers, crackers and hats) but I’m ill.

So instead – you get this half-arsed drawing! (Yes, that is supposed to be a bitterbal wearing a Santa hat on the right!) Merry Christmas!


Or if you’re Dutch:
Vrolijk Kerstfeest, Vrolijk Kerstmis,ย Prettige Kerstdagen, Prettige Feestdagen, Prettige Kerst, Prettig Kerstmis, Fijne Dagen, Fijne Feestdagen, Fijne Kerst, Fijne Kerstdagen, Gelukkig Kerstmis… Did I miss any!?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hayley x


      1. Zalig Kerstfeest is still in use in some places, mostly by Catholics. Another rather odd wish: “Prettige Dagen.” I assume it’s an efficient or lazy way of saying “Prettige Hanukkah, Kerst en Zonnewende.”


  1. Gelukkig kerstfeest! And did you know that only ‘Kerstmis’, gets the capital K? All the rest are rip-offs of the word and therefore don’t deserve a capital letter ๐Ÿ™‚

    (I know and like to talk about this stuff because I’m a Dutch teacher. I teach Dutch to foreigners, which makes me love your blog even more! England isn’t as different from the Netherlands as most of the countries my students come from, but your blog gives me some insight in how our habits may come across. Keep up the good work!)

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  2. Great little drawing cheery and bright, and yes hope your out and about soon. Being of Catholic origin, I wish you a Zalig kerstfeest. Thanks for your insight into the Dutch language.

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  3. I just found your blog online, it’s so funny!
    I’m a Dutchie and I’ve studied in the UK for a semester. The people I lived with thought some things I did or said were pretty weird or funny!

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