Een dagje uit in Brugge

(A day out in Bruges.)

We were in England at the weekend attending the wedding of two of our best friends, who just so happened to fall in love and get married. Too cute. Cue: massive party and a massive hangover!

Our Sunday plans got changed at the last minute so we decided to catch an earlier ferry and check-in to a hotel so we could wake up in Bruges the next day! (AKA – how to turn a bad thing into a good thing!) Due to the fact we were arriving after midnight – we were very limited on options – so we plumped for a budget Ibis hotel with a 24 hour check-in desk. The alternative was to drive through the night and we were both cream crackered, so this was definitely our best option! The room/hotel was very basic, but as far as plusses go, it had a few: only €50, booked online 2 hours before arrival, situated next to the train station so very easy access to Bruges centre, free wifi, parking only €3.50 for 24 hours. Bargain.

Horse and cart in Bruges

Horse and cart in Bruges

We’ve been to Bruges twice before, both times on the way to/from England and both times in a rush to catch the ferry. So it was great to spend a few hours wandering round… but it still wasn’t enough time! Bruges is so beautiful, even in dreary November! We decided on the drive home that we’ll spend a WHOLE weekend here at some point! YAY!

The other reason we have to go back is because most bars and restaurants were closed when we were there! I had frantically been searching on Trip Advisor and despite many of them stating they were open on Mondays, there was some sort of holiday and many businesses had notices in the window stating they were closed for the day. Jammer! (Shame!)

't Brugs Beertje

‘t Brugs Beertje

‘t Brugs Beertje (The Bruges Bear) was one such establishment. It’s not just a pub, but a tasting house and I’d also read that they serve great food too! So this is firmly on the list for next time!

This stunning building was directly opposite the pub, another great reason to visit!

Kemelstraat, Bruges

Kemelstraat, Bruges

After the disappointment of ‘t Brugs Beertje being closed, I had another card up my sleeve! The Beer Wall on Wollestraat!

The Beer Wall, Bruges

The Beer Wall, Bruges

Thankfully, this place was open… but we weren’t the only tourists to notice!! It was rather busy, but luckily the (heated) terrace had a large enough capacity to deal with the volume of English speakers! (I barely heard any Dutch/Belgian all day!) The terrace has a fantastic view, right next to the canal, so it’s the perfect spot to admire Bruges’ beauty and beer at the same time.

Combi deal @ the Beer Wall

Combi deal @ The Beer Wall

If, like us, you want to try a few different beers – they do a special offer of 4 beers and 2 snacks for €10! Unsurprisingly, this was a popular choice on the terrace and a great way to sample different varieties of beer without committing to a whole pint. (Or however many mls they serve in Belgium!) We also enjoyed the beer quotes which adorned the wall of the pub (and the cardboard beer carrier) including:

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. Benjamin Franklin 1706

He was a wise man who invented beer. Plato 428 BC

And my personal favourite:

Here’s to alcohol: the cause of, and solution to all of life’s problems. Homer Simpson 1987

Belfry Tower, Bruges

Belfry Tower, Bruges

All in all – a fantastic day in this gorgeous European city! Have you been to Bruges? Any tips for our next visit?

Hayley x


  1. I spent the weekend there in March last year with terrible weather, but still enjoyed it! I had a fantastic dinner at De Hobbit one night – great Flemish food and really gezellig!

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