Bitterballen Bruid’s Bruiloft – The Official Photographs

Happy Friday! I’m **SO** excited to show you a selection of our professional wedding photographs which arrived this week! I was actually ready to post Part 3 of the honeymoon today, but I figure this is WAY more important. Hope you agree!

Our wedding took place in Hilversum at the Gemeentehuis (town hall) followed by a reception at The Haven van Huizen (haven = harbour) and a meal at Cornelisz Restaurant.

Zuiderkerk, Hilversum

My Mum being pampered…

On the way!

Our wonderful registrar at the Gemeentehuis, Hilversum

Making it official!

My little sister was a witness AND bridesmaid

The Haven van Huizen

You know it had to happen!! BITTERBALLEN BRUID!

Cornelisz, Huizen

Wow! That was way more than I thought! Hope you like! 🙂

Photo credit goes to the amazing Katie at Indigo Images who flew to Holland and back for the day! An absolute star! Massive thanks.

Have a great weekend!

Hayley x


  1. Gaaah I am seriously oohing and aah-ing over these, they are so gorgeous. My face involuntarily broke into a huge smile when I saw the bitterballen! Looks like it was an amazing day!!!

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  2. I only found your blog about an hour and a half ago and now I’m spending my evening on it 🙂 Even though I haven’t finished yet, this seemed like a good one to comment. I love reading about the Netherlands and Dutch people through the eyes of ‘foreigners’. (Even though you’re obviously one of us now ^^)

    Your wedding looks amazing! I love the dress and the shoes and the picture with the bikes… Even though I’m a 100% Dutch, I also do have a thing for bikes and water. I’d love to have a house by a lake or river or even a slootje. And if I can’t have that, I want a big vijver 😀

    Right, I’m reading on now. Thanks for this blog ^^

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    1. Thanks, Mieke! Well… I’m learning to be (at least) 🙂

      Awww, thank you. It was an amazing day… of course I have to say that, but it really was. It’s really special to me that it was in Holland and not in the UK.

      Thanks again for your comments… en graag gedaan, hoor! 😉


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