Bitterballen Proeven: Trivio, Loosdrecht

Last night we cycled to Loosdrecht and stopped at a pretty little restaurant by the water to enjoy a glass of wine (Sauvignon Blanc for me, beer for the Dutchie) and take in the view. We’d already eaten dinner, so the plan was just to have a drink, but whilst I popped to the ladies, the naughty Dutchie ordered bitterballen! Naughty because we’re both supposed to be on a “pre-wedding healthy eating regime”… but what could I do? 😉

Trivio Restaurant, Loosdrecht

Veilige Haven, Loosdrecht

10 out of 10 for the view! I love being surrounded by water!! The bitterballen get a solid 7.5 out of 10. I like my bitterballen to be perfectly round, so a minus point for that. The mustard was a bit funny tasting, way too tangy, so that also gets a mark down and the bitterballen themselves were ever so slightly greasy, so a half point deduction. Still lekker and sitting on the terrace was gezellig, so a double thumbs up from two happy customers!

Hayley x


  1. If you’re ever in Den Bosch you should go to this place called Carras where they have home-made bitterballen the size of tennis balls. Insanity! But so goodddd.

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