MH17 – “Everyone knows someone, or someone who knew someone.”

On Friday morning I turned on my laptop to write a light-hearted post about my weekend trip to Utrecht. Instead I spent hours reading articles and blog posts about MH17 and listening to the radio for updates.

I won’t pretend to know too much about this tragedy. I only know what I’ve read. I didn’t know anyone on board. But the Netherlands is a small country, “193 people is a lot for us.”

“Everyone knows someone, or someone who knew someone.” (

Such true words. At the gym, a woman broke down in the changing rooms. My instructor was also mourning her friend who had been on board.

It’s so incredibly sad. I’ve cried several times since Friday, reading about these people I don’t even know, but somehow I feel a connection. The Netherlands is my home now. Dutch people are MY people.

Therefore I couldn’t let this tragedy pass unmentioned. My blog posts can wait. In the meantime I just wanted to share a few links with you, in addition to the tear-jerking post from Anastasia above.

BBC: What we know

Amanda van Mulligen, MH17: A plane has crashed

Colleen Geske (Stuff Dutch People Like) A tribute to Antoine van Veldhuizen, a Dutch friend lost on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17

Personal message from the Expatica Team

My sincere condolences to the crew, passengers, families and friends of those on board flight MH17.

Hayley x


  1. It’s so sad. And so very true- It’s a very small country. I haven’t yet found any direct relationship to victims but I’m certain I must know someone that has lost someone in the tragedy ;-( Today right before the moment of silence they rang the bell at the Dutch war memorial in Waalsdorperweg. I heard it ringing endlessly for like 20 minutes or so. I’m assuming they rang it 298 times. My heart goes out to all the families.


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