Eating & Drinking our way around the World (Cup) – Part 4

The Netherlands vs Mexico (2-1)

Damn, that was a close match!! We had 5 screaming Dutchies in the house plus me and my sister, who came over from England last week. (On Friday we went to Hilversum Alive which was awesome! Way too much fun actually – because we got home at 4am and were hungover all day Saturday!!  Not great timing considering it was the Dutchie’s Birthday BBQ – so we had about 30 people over… But well, the best nights are the last-minute, spontaneous ones, right?!)

On Sunday (29th June), the football was on at 6pm, and shamefully, we didn’t cook Mexican ourselves because we had a crazy busy weekend! (And A LOT of cleaning up after the party/BBQ!)  Instead we ordered takeout from The Taco Company in Hilversum and washed it down with lashings of Desperados!

Mexican takeaway… close enough… right?


Unfortunately not. The food was so boring compared to the Mexican we normally cook ourselves, but luckily we had reinforcements in the form of The Dutchie’s Special Sambal… and some knoflook (garlic) sauce… so we just drowned everything in that!!

Sad-looking leftover tacos...

Sad-looking leftover tacos…

Disappointing, but it serves us right for not cooking ourselves… Lesson learnt!!

This Saturday (5th July) is Holland vs Costa Rica. I’ll be in England on my hen do (woop woop!!) so you’ll be treated to a guest post from none other than The Dutchie!! 😀

Hayley x


    1. Too true!! There is a relatively new place in The Hague that my Mexican friend has vouched for, if you’re ever in the area – it’s called KUA and it looks delicious … but when you come from a place where you can get fish tacos for all of 3$ and they’ll be the best tacos of your life, having to pay 25 euro for a Mexican main seems like a lot!!!


      1. Hey Sophie. I do like KUA, I’ve been there quite a few times and I’ve been really meaning to write a post about, just been so busy! The food is pretty good but it’s just not the same as back home. It’s a bit hit or miss, because one time I went and ordered this amazing fish dish, but the next time it wasn’t on the menu anymore so I order a new dish (fish tacos) instead and I didn’t like them nearly as much. One thing that is always pretty good though, is the steak..


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