Eating & Drinking our way around the World (Cup) – Part 3

The Netherlands vs Chile (2-0)

Yesterday, Holland played Chile… and instead of doing what a lot of people did (judging by Facebook posts) we didn’t cook a Chilli Con Carne (which is Mexican, anyway!!)

Instead we went for a spicy Pebre Sauce with bread whilst watching the match:

Pembre Sauce and Jote (red wine with coke)

Pebre Sauce, bread and Jote (red wine with coke)

This was accompanied by Jote (red wine and coke – sounds disgusting, tastes surprisingly good.) With Chilean wine… of course!!

For our main we dined on Plateada – a Chilean Pot Roast with spicy mash. According to the recipe I found, Plateada is among the 10 most popular home cooked dishes in Chile. It involves taking the rib cap of a piece of beef and slow cooking it in a marinade of red wine vinegar, garlic and seasoning… and NOT adding any water! Otherwise you get the appearance, consistency and flavour of boiled meat!

Into the mash we added butter, milk, seasoning, low-fat crème fraîche, 3 green chillies, a pot of smeerkaas sambal (spread cheese with sambal, available from Dutch supermarkets) plus the green part of some spring onions. (John and Greg from Masterchef UK would kill me – they hate spring onions in mash – but we enjoyed it anyway!!)

On the side was an Ensalada Chilena – an Onion & Tomato Chilean salad made with coriander, lime juice, olive oil and plenty of seasoning!

We also drank Fanschop which is a glass filled with half beer and half Fanta! Again… not as gross as you might expect…

Are you ready for your close-up?

Are you ready for your close-up?

And how did it taste?? Bloody awesome. The meat was soooo tender (after being cooked for 3+ hours) and the salad was really tangy and fresh. We’ll definitely be making these dishes again!!

Next on the cards is Holland vs Mexico on Sunday 29th June ! Bit of a shame because we’re big Mexican food fans already and eat it regularly, so we were actually hoping for Brazil… but it’s a good excuse to make a Mexican dish we haven’t tried before. (If we can find one that is!!)


Hayley x


  1. I’m so late to this but I absolutely LOOOVE this idea. What a fun excuse to try out new food!! I’m definitely intrigued by the red wine & coke concoction … intrigued enough to try it? Perhaps, perhaps …


  2. Yep! Lots of fun!! Will definitely be making Chilean food again. You should try everything once 😉 😉 The first sip is just plain weird, but after that it’s actually quite yummy, especially with the bread and hot sauce on the side 😀


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