Eating & Drinking our way around the World (Cup) – Part 1

Last Friday, 13th June, unsure what to make for dinner, I decided on tapas. We (The Netherlands) were playing Spain and due to our mutual love of the cuisine, I already had a few Spanish tapas recipes up my sleeve. The Dutchie LOVED the idea and while devouring our tapas, sangria and watching the game (Holland won, 5-1) we decided to do it for the rest of the matches too!

Tapas for Holland vs Spain

Tapas for Holland vs Spain

We ate:

Patatas Bravas – I used this BBC Good Food recipe as a basis and then adapted it to our taste… I added 2 fresh chillies and used 400g can of tomatoes, 3 garlic cloves, 2-3 tbsp tomato puree, 4 tsp paprika plus 2-3 tsps cayenne pepper plus some Worcestershire sauce and a bit of red wine to deglaze the pan before the tinned tomatoes went in (plus seasoning, obvs). I also simmer it for way longer than 10 minutes, about 30-40 mins I’d say. As we don’t have an oven (yet) I parboiled the potatoes and pan-roasted them.  Just as good!!

Lemon & Thyme Chicken – so so simple! Slice a chicken breast (or two) into strips and then add: lemon juice and zest, a good 2-3 tsps thyme, salt and pepper. Leave to marinade for 10-20 mins and then pan fry or griddle.

Courgette ribbons – simply griddled with black pepper.

Sangria – We used 3 parts red wine (Spanish Rioja), 1 part lemonade, 1 part orange juice plus ice and slices of lemon, lime and orange! Yummy! You can also add a shot or two of rum, brandy, triple sec or Cointreau if your heart desires!

Plus chorizo, sundried tomatoes, kaas blokjes, gherkins and yellow Amsterdam onions (Amsterdamse Uien)! Well, we had to get a bit of Dutch in there! 😉

Tapas instagrammed

Tapas instagrammed

The next match is today, Wednesday 18th June: Australia vs The Netherlands @ 6pm

…and we’ll be dining on:

Beer Can Chicken and Shrimp on the barbie!! Plus some Australian wine, natuurlijk!! (We couldn’t get our hands on any Australian lager here in the Netherlands, sadly.)

Recipes and pics to follow! 😀 😀

Are you doing anything special to celebrate the World Cup?

Hayley x


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