Being Dutch – Part 5: The Albert Heijn Bonuskaart

I must be officially 1% Dutch now. I have my Albert Heijn bonuskaart and I asked for it in Dutch and everything! Ik ben apetrots op mezelf! (Lit: I am monkey proud on myself! Nice Dutchism there… What it really means: I’m very proud of myself!)

Albert Heijn Bonuskaart

Albert Heijn Bonuskaart

I have a little head start because I’ve been learning Dutch on and off for a couple of years whilst living in the UK. I understand A LOT and I can speak the basics (all self-taught)… but now I’m going to be living here I need to step it up a gear. That’s #1 on my “when I live here list”: to sign up for classes as soon as I’m an official resident!

Anyway… I digress… The AH bonuskaart is a must-have in you live in NL (and you shop at AH! It’s kind of hard not to… they’re everywhere!) Without it you can’t get the special offers and deals in store, so naturally, everyone has one. So for me, that’s one very small thing ticked off a very, very long to-do list…

Hayley x


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