Mijn tuin (My garden)

I am REALLY going to miss my garden. We’ve been house-hunting almost 3 weeks now and the one thing we simply can’t compromise on is having a garden, or at least some outside space. I want to be able to grow veg, sunbathe and read outside, the Dutchie wants somewhere to put his BBQ 🙂 and Paris is an outdoor cat. She would go crazy staying in all the time, so it’s top of our priority list to have a garden.

Mijn tuin (My garden) circa 2008

Mijn tuin (My garden) circa 2008

Also, once you’ve had one – it’s very hard to go back. The Dutchie used to live in an apartment on the 4th floor in Hilversum (around 30 mins from Amsterdam) where he only had a balcony. Now he’s used to having that extra space, he doesn’t want to go back to an apartment either! Our current garden is pretty large, considering we only have a one-bedroom flat. In fact, our garden is probably as big as the flat itself!!

Garden in full swing

Garden in full swing

Much to the amusement of my friends (they think it’s hilarious that anyone under 50 grows their own veg) I’m a keen gardener. I started off with the easy stuff:

  • Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • French beans
  • Courgettes
  • Marrows
  • Tomatoes
Veggies from garden

Veggies from my garden

All pretty successful except the tomatoes. Somehow I could never get them all to go red… and I tried all the tricks (bananas, dark place, cardboard box etc) but alas, I still ended up with loads of green ones. There was a simple answer though – I just made green tomato chutney!

Green tomatoes

Green tomatoes

I’m going to miss that lovely view from my kitchen. It always brings a smile to my face… even when I’m washing up! (And believe me –  that’s a hard thing to do! I hate washing up. The Dutchie is chief bottle washer in our household!)

So, the search is on to find a place in Netherlands with a nice garden. Can we find an equal (or better) view? Fingers crossed!

Hayley x

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