Oh My God… I’m moving to Holland!

Yeah, yeah ok… the Netherlands…

The Dutchie had not one, but two job offers on Thursday, just as I was leaving to visit my friend in Norway. He has accepted one of the offers, will sign the contract tomorrow and start in early March!

Oh god

Sooooo exciting and so scary at the same time! It’s all go, go, go!

Forget the wedding plans (temporarily)!! We’re verhuizing! (Moving house!)

Now, where’s my to-do list??

Hayley x



  1. So exciting!! I moved to NL about 1.5 years ago and have only grown more and more fond of it 🙂 Since your fiance is Dutch the transition should be pretty smooth, but my top piece of boring advice has to be: Get your social security number as soon as possible – everyone and I mean EVERYONE (banks, telecom providers, for ex) in the Netherlands wants your number and they will not cooperate with you until you provide them with it!
    Otherwise, sample all the food! And if you ever miss products from home, there is likely to be at least one expat store where you’re moving to and they should have you fairly well covered 🙂 I personally have a list of at least three places within a 20 km radius where I could get maple syrup if necessary 😛


  2. Thanks Sophie, great advice! I will get onto it as soon as I’m there 🙂 I’m lucky in that the UK isn’t very far, so we’ll probably visit 4-6 times a year (we have visited Holland the same amount whilst living in the UK, so that’s the deal!) That way I can stock up on anything I miss. Are you staying in NL indefinitely? We’re gonna try a year to two years and see how it goes 🙂 I love what I know of it so far!


    1. I am staying indefinitely (the plan is to stay about three years until my boyfriend is done his law articling) but I try to take in day by day so I don’t psyche myself out :p So far the time has gone by insanely fast. Good that you’ve already visited lots so it won’t be too huge a shock! I have a vivid memory of stepping out into Leiden for the first time four years ago (on exchange) and being almost instantly pelted by cyclicts … It was a definite ‘what have I done??!!’ moment haha


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