Nog een dagje uit, dit keer in Utrecht

(Another day out, this time in Utrecht.) Having visited the Netherlands 30+ times, it’s quite surprising that I’ve never been to Utrecht! I went there on a girls shopping day out with the Dutchie’s Mum and sister. What a wonderful place!

De Dom

De Dom

The Dom (de Dom) Tower of Utrecht was part of the Cathedral of Saint Martin. It was never fully completed due to lack of funds. Since the unfinished nave collapsed in 1674, the Dom has remained a free standing tower. It is, in fact, the tallest church tower in the Netherlands.

St. Martin's Cathedral

St. Martin’s Cathedral, Utrecht

Although the Cathedral is unfinished, it is astonishingly beautiful. You can enter the cathedral as well as its gardens for free.

Building with red and white shutters, close to de Dom

Building with red and white shutters, close to de Dom

There are many pretty buildings in Utrecht including the University, Janskerk church and the traditional Dutch houses on the bank of Oude Gracht. I liked this building with it’s pretty red and white shutters. I later found out online is actually the Nationale Ombudsmen building on Drift 17 Street.

Bikes & canal, Utrecht

Bikes & canal, Utrecht

I literally cannot walk past a canal with bikes attached to the railings and not take a photo!! As an English girl, it still makes my heart flutter. Zo mooi!! (So beautiful!!)

Cool art shop in Utrecht

Cool art shop in Utrecht

Another thing that both surprises me and gives me a warm fuzzy feeling is the abundance of independent shops in the Netherlands! Obviously, they do also have retail chains (& McDonalds!!) but there are so many small, privately owned shops it’s unreal. In the UK, the vast majority of shops are big brand chains, the independent market is really dying out, sadly. It’s a really good feeling to walk down a high street in Holland and see so many small independents thriving!

McDonalds, Utrecht

McDonalds, Utrecht

And there it is! McDonalds! Albeit a prettier one that you’d see here in the UK. I didn’t eat there, obviously… I went to a typical Dutch cafe and had (you guessed it…) bitterballen! I must have been too hungry/excited to take a photo though… oops.

Hayley x


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