Pot of Dreams: Wedding Fund

I’ve had them all: the 80s Natwest piggy banks, shopping funds, holiday money-boxes, rainy-day savings… but now it’s serious. Now we have to save for a wedding – without a doubt – the most expensive day of our life. And… we’re on a budget… but it’s still going to be the most costly day of our lives so far. Not that I’m complaining, AT ALL! I can’t bloody wait. I’m looking forward to spending it on the happiest day of my life! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Pot of Dreams: Wedding Fund

Pot of Dreams: Wedding Fund

First things first, we had to decide how much we could actually afford to save every month.  Times this by the amount of time until the wedding, and hey presto! You have your budget! Of course, this isn’t the way everyone decides their budget, but that’s how we came to ours. And it suits us just fine! The Pot of Dreams is an add-on to the budget: whenever we have loose change (£1 / €1 minimum) or notes (!!) it goes in there. We haven’t quite decided what this will go towards yet – honeymoon spending money, I suspect – but hey, don’t weddings always go over budget anyway? It’ll come in handy whatever happens!

We’re very (very very) lucky in that our parents are helping too – most unexpectedly, I had a phone call from my Mum the day after we went wedding dress shopping.

Her: “I’ve have a talk to your Dad and we’re going to pay for your wedding dress…”

Me: **longest pause ever** with a Cheshire cat grin on my face…

First time I have ever been speechless in my life.


Obviously, after an uncomfortable few seconds (which felt like hours), with my brain racing at 100mph, my verbal diarrhoea returned and I continued thanking them for weeks and weeks afterwards!

The Dutchie also brought good news when he told me his Mum had offered to buy his suit! Amazing! So, we’re suited and booted! Now time to get saving for the rest! Wish me luck 😉

Hayley x

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