Een middag in Amsterdam

Following a glorious New Year’s Eve on a rooftop in Amsterdam and a well-needed hangover day on the 1st January (zzzzz until the afternoon, short walk, pizza, darts on TV and early to bed) … on the 2nd it was time to embrace the world again and step out into the city! The Dutchie and I first headed to Waterlooplein to check out the market stalls and see if we could grab ourselves a bargain. If you’ve read about me you’ll know I’m we’re getting married in August, so we’re currently on the hunt for wedding paraphernalia! After that was a general wander around the area: soaking up the atmosphere, taking a photo or two and street-art spotting!

Street Art near Waterlooplein, Amsterdam

Street Art near Waterlooplein, Amsterdam

Alas, not much weddingy stuff to be found – but we did buy a Delfts Blauw (Delft blue) style souvenir… a Dutch boy and girl kissing. The ultimate, naff, cheese-with-extra-mature-cheddar-on-top… but it had to be done!

"Delfts Blauw" style souvenirs, Waterlooplein, Amsterdam

“Delfts Blauw” style souvenirs, Waterlooplein, Amsterdam

Next was a quick stop at Café de Sluyswacht which according to their website is “one of the cutest spots on the famous canals of Amsterdam”. I can’t help but agree!  This historical little building used to be a lock-house (Sluyswachterhuisje) and was built in 1695. It is located in Amsterdam’s former Jewish Quarter and was one of the (lucky) few buildings in the area to survive WW2. Wonky, wonderful… and well worth a visit!

Café de Sluyswacht

Café de Sluyswacht

The Amsterdam canals are simply stunning. I could walk around them all day. Dubbed “Venice of the North”, they’re a must-see for tourists. *Sigh* If only I could have taken a better photo…

Amsterdam canals

Amsterdam canals

Before heading back I managed to snap a quick shot of the spire of Zuiderkerk (Southern Church). It was built between 1603 and 1611, with the spire being finished in 1614. The outstanding architecture in Amsterdam Renaissance style is by Hendrick de Keyser, who was also buried in the church in 1621.

Zuiderkerk, Amsterdam

Zuiderkerk, Amsterdam

A tiny, tiny glimpse of Amsterdam – and that’s the great thing about this city – it just makes you want to come back again and again!

Hayley x

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