Een dagje uit in Culemborg

During the Christmas break, the Dutchie and I went to Holland for 10 days to catch up with family and friends. We often visit Culemborg, but normally we go straight to our friends house and therefore only see a glimpse of the town from the car window. This time we had a day out (een dagje uit) in this pretty town in central Netherlands…

Railroad bridge over the river Lek near Culemborg

Railroad bridge over the River Lek near Culemborg, The Netherlands

We went walking near the River Lek and despite the mud (!!) it was a beautiful stroll around the countryside.

Culemborg walk near the river Lek

Culemborg walk, – near the River Lek

Once we’d frozen our bits off on the walk, it was borreltijd! Roughly translated as happy hour although this doesn’t really describe it at all! It’s more “social time” or directly translated “drink time” – a borrel can be a drink or a shot. Basically, it’s time to sit down with friends and relax, grab a beer and a glass of wine… and of course, some borrelhapjes! (Snacks beside your borrel!)

We went to Bolderburen which is home to a pancake restaurant, a kid’s farm / playground and a beautiful windmill called molen Johanna (molen = mill).

De molen Johanna, Culemborg, The Netherlands

De molen Johanna, Culemborg, The Netherlands

Molen Johanna was built in 1888 as a grondzeiler – a windmill that can be operated from the ground. Originally, in 1878 a wooden mill stood in its place, however it completely burned down in 1888 and was rebuilt (in just 4 months) as the present stone mill in 1888. It has had many restorations over the years and is looking stunningly beautiful 126 years later!

Anyway, back to borreltijd… guess what I had?? BITTERBALLEN, natuurlijk!!

Bitterballen in Culemborg

Bitterballen in Culemborg

They were a definite 9/10… plenty of mustard, good-sized portion and excellent presentation. They only get one minus point for the lack of mini Dutch flags!! 😉

Have you tried bitterballen? Where’s your favourite place to eat them?

Hayley x


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